X-Factor UK 1st LIVE…


X-Factor fever continues in all 3 countries for me…sadly I see everything a day or two too late since I’m in non of those countries and have to wait for the shows appear online;/ BUT! Better later than never right?=)

First of all, the disappointment I mentioned in my previous posts about some acts chosen for the live shows, became even bigger after seeing them perform, but OMG my favorites that did get through, did such an amazing job!


There’s so many talent in all the shows, that I can’t decide if to write about all of it, it seems too much, mostly because – honestly – even though many acts give me goosebumps (the good kind), there are those few who just stand out more and makes you fall in longterm love, such love that won’t be gone after X-Factor=) Few acts I already introduced – Lucy and James, more of acts to come, but to sum up, what is coming up I just want to show my favorite performances of the 1st UK live show=) And even though, it ended very very sadly, by letting the most annoying person on TV (maybe even planet) stay in the competition, when he clearly is, in my opinion, ruining the show, the good parts of that evening were worth surviving that one act through. I used to be a fan of Nicole Scherzinger and I had a big respect for her after the X-Factor US first season, I think she did a good job as a judge, but now I lost my respect for her and she is starting to become as annoying as Rylan. Maybe for some her dedication to an act that is hated by so many, might seem admirable, but for me it’s just hideous and a big mistake. I am not happy sounding mean now, but it just really pi**es me off  to see a good show that I respected so much for discovering talents and giving them a chance, was made into a joke. Anyway, we’ll see how long the charade will go on and I really hope people will get smart soon enough before many more amazing talents will loose their well deserved spot in the competition to someone so irritating!

Here’s the highlights of the show for those who missed=)

(great opening!)

(James continues the admiration factor, fantastic performance being truly himself with one of my favorite songs at the moment! Plus – looking like real eye candy=] TW)

(another favorite of mine, a true legendary voice, lovely wild spirit, waking up even dead people with that strong voice! Miss Fairy ROCKING the stage=]  TW)

(Lucy’s new song once again was a beautiful story, she’s amazing lyric writer, the chorus was ringing in my head all day after “I’ll move them for you…” mm…=] TW)

(the only once of the groups that I love, they are always soooo energetic, happy, just radiate good mood, you can see they are having the time of their life and it’s contagious=] Great voice, rap skills, great stage presence and most of all great chemistry, just pleasure to watch each time =] TW)

(like a magical princess singing enchanting song…=] I envy her dresses and skirts from the very first audition!=]  TW)

(the chimney sweeper who wants his songs to be heard….got my heart from his first audition, no disappointment so far=] Looking forward for his own songs to see daylight=] TW)

(I believe he melted everyones hearts like those candles were melting…such a cute, pure and lovely per on with voice so big, fantastic! Can’t not love his gigle=]  TW)


And few less favorite, but still great and both very different=)

(thank you for bringing this one back…for me it’s a Disney voice…always brings to fairytale mood=] )

(great voice tone, stunning and lovable mom=] TW)

Looking forward for next week, I’m sure it’s gonna be fantastic, so stay tuned and for now enjoy the music!=)