Army is fun!

So I was browsing the place of expressing yourself on video – youtube and I noticed how many videos there are, made by military! I guess no wonder if there are wars are still going on in the world, since the army is busy with something else=))

But on the other hand, maybe this is the new best way to solve conflicts, through dancing and singing and organizing dance off’s between the soldiers and what they are fighting against. That would be so cool! We all know “make love not war” but maybe it should be changed to “let’s dance not fight” ! everyone would be happy =) It’s amazing how professional some videos look, and how inventive all of them are, it’s truly  hilarious, so many talented dancers!=)

What a great way to send out a message to their loved once and the rest of the world, that they are doing quite alright there=)

Here’s a playlist of 25 videos I found most entertaining, but there are many more out here!=) So go through all or go to Youtube playlist and choose which one you’ll like to view=) Enjoy!=)