Tim Jarosz…

Again time for some art…I noticed this artist a while ago and fell in love with his work. I am sorry it took me a while to introduce him though. One of his images is my desktop wallpaper for a super long time, no other picture has ever been so long on, I usually get bored and switch very often, but Tim created something I just can’t get enough=)

Tim Jarosz is a professional photographer and designer based in Chicago. He creates cityscapes by collaging his photographs and digitally modifying their color and texture. Being a Chicago boy, the city is his biggest inspiration and he tries to reflect the love for the city with his art.

Photography and design are equally important and he is equally passionate about both subjects. Tim graduated art school with a degree in graphic design and still had an extreme passion for photography. He worked as professional graphic designer for years before deciding to expand his skills and take on a new venture in photography. He quit his design job and started freelancing in photography. Not long after he found an amazing photography career where he has the ability to shoot photos and still create artwork in his free time.

I was born in Chicago on the northwest side. I just want my street photographs to represent what I see everyday and what I think is beautiful. I like to photograph the people, graffiti, spaces and details that are passed by or ignored everyday. I try to capture images of candid moments in time that are pure and unscripted. Even though some of my photography is a bit dark or sad, I feel it is still beautiful…

And I think it is absolutely beautiful too! The playfulness of colors, but also a bit of darkness is the perfect combination in my opinion and I just love his work very much. Hopefully you will love it too and maybe it will inspire some of you to capture your city in another light=)

Check out Tim’s website, website 2FacebookTwitter, Society6.

And here is some of his amazing amazing work, enjoy!=)

Info taken from I Paint My mind.