Free People…


After posting some pretty clothes, I think it’s time to show where to get some too, so I am introducing to you – Free People

Free People…

Back in the 1970’s, a young man named Dick Hayne planted a seed in the maze of streets and trees that make up West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He opened a store and called it Free People. Free People nurtured the young people who lived there and shopped there, who looked for a little of their own freedom in the clothes they wore.

As Dick’s store grew from one to two, the name was changed from Free People to Urban Outfitters.

In time, his wife Meg came on to tend Urban’s private label division, which supported product exclusive to Urban Outfitters. Demand was almost immediate and to meet this overwhelming need, she and Dick decided to create a wholesale line. It was very well-received, so much so that Dick separated the businesses. For a while, the wholesale line took on many personalities: Bulldog, Ecote, Cooperative, Anthropologie, and then in 1984 a new life was breathed into the name Free People. And that’s them.

During 2001, they realized that it was really Free People that invoked some of their favorite images, those of femininity, courage, and spirit. It was time to get back to their roots.

Free People shed its junior image and evolved into a more mature, contemporary brand. This allowed twenty-something women to appreciate the line of clothing that catered to their intelligence, creativity and individuality, while keeping with its great quality and affordability.

Free People has three wholesale showrooms – in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and their line sells in over 1000 specialty stores worldwide. In October 2004 they also launched a virtual journey through its world at The site has found great success with online shoppers across the country, who are looking for a little something special in their experience.

I really like their style, being 20 something female myself, I do feel like they speak to me. I also love their website and in general atmosphere, it has this vintage and personal touch, which makes it even more pleasant to shop. They feel like not only a store but a styling buddy, being connected with them on Facebook, I get constant pleasant reminder about them and inspiration for outfits of the day.

Visit their website to see for yourself, also connect to them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube.

Here’s a bunch of outfits, that I found very cool, for you to get an idea what is free people and maybe get an idea for what you’re gonna wear tomorrow… enjoy!=)