X-Factor 2012 favorites…Part 2

Well, the Australian X-Factor is done with it’s audition’s and now it’s off to bootcamp, but X-Factor UK still keeps surprising with talents and has few more shows ahead.

Some people come out, and they have a beautiful voice…but some people come out and they have very beautiful soul on top of a beautiful voice…Those are the people that stand out, give you goosebumps and make you remember them…

There has been quite a lot of talent so far on both shows, I can’t imagine how now out of all the great once, they will have to pick only 13 as greatest, but I am sure, for many of them, no matter what will happen next on x-factor, the future is already changed for much better from now on.

Better remember the names from this and previous post, because I am sure you’ll be hearing them again…=)

Here are few of the people that have beautiful souls on top of voice…some of them are also insanely hot!=) And some are big surprise as looks can be deceiving…enjoy=)

(he definitely made me notice someone like him…)

(he came along and a star was born….he is absolutely amazing, whole package rapped with classic cool rock voice, love it!)

(I hope his songs are going to be heard too, he is just sooo great…his FB and Twitter)

(this fairy has magical voice…one cute rocking fairy=] )

(someone tweeted during his performance “I just wanna hug him” and yes I agree, he is so cute and fantastic and his version of song made me get the original…Good Luck to you Judah, you’re truly something=] )

(such a happy guy, I don’t think anyone expected him to be able to sing, but he can!)

(one of my all time favorite songs, and he made it even more likable…)


Also check out Jayden Sierra, Veronica Bravo, Chris Cayzer, Tabitha Omaji, Morgan Sheather and Sarah Main.