New category for you to look awesome…

Hey guys, I decided it’s time for a small expansion of my space here and include much more on how to look awesome=) Fashion is my Passion and even though it is very very cheesy line, it is true!=) My home is crowded with various products and clothes because I like trying out new things all the time, trying out new styles and hopefully grow each time towards better choices….=)

Even though I envy endlessly to all those pretty girls who look amazing without make up, eat anything and stay skinny, put sweatpants on and look like princesses, I wouldn’t give up on make up and pretty clothes even if I’d be one of them. I think as female species we got lucky to get so much attributes for self expression and so much tools to hide what we don’t like about ourselves reinventing us the way we actually feel inside – which is beautiful. Men don’t have so much freedom, but they will have what to look at  here as well. I also think though that what’s too much that’s not pretty, but off course as long as you yourself feel comfortable in what you created, that’s all that matters…

I don’t have degree in fashion or makeup, but I believe I do have a great taste and so far people I encountered said the same, so all I can offer you in this category is my opinion, my experience and my suggestions, but hopefully (hopefully!) they will be useful and helpful for you=) And most of the time I just want to offer inspiration…inspiration and motivation to maybe go through your closet again and try out something old in completely new way=)

Oh, very important! You are ALL very welcome to send in your ideas, suggestions or experiences, just write me an email on, use the comment section or contact me on FB, I would appreciate any help!=)

And here’s a song I always loved, reminds of the true beauty lying inside no matter what=)