Few favorites from Bodyshop…

I loooove Bodyshop, have been loyal costumer for many years. Became a fan after hearing it’s story and that they are against testing on animals, but besides all their good work making life for everyone better, the most amazing quality of theirs for me is – the smell. I love Bodyshop for smelling so good!=)

My home is stacked with Bodyshop products and not it’s not because I am crazy maniac, but because they love their costumers! Every time I buy there something, I always get not only discounts but plenty of gifts, so you go in with intention to buy one thing and get back home with five=) I already mentioned in one of previous posts Bodyshop body butters. They are perfect after shower, specially before bed. Coconut makes your skin really really soft and also has this very light smell, just perfect to sleep sweet=)

But this time I want to introduce few of my favorites, that I honestly am addicted to at the moment, mostly because of the delicious smell…

Bodyshop Beautifying Oil

Beautifying Oil is pure beauty in a bottle. Made with a lightweight blend of nut oils including Community Fair Trade marula oil, it gives instant hydration and a shimmering finish.

  • For body, face and hair
  • A little goes a long way

I choose Mango scent. What I like about this oil, that it has various purposes of use. You can put it in bathtub to soften your skin, you can put it on your wet hair and it won’t be greasy when dried out, it will be shiny and smooth. I use it also on my face once in a while, since in summer, the skin gets more dry. It also helped a lot when I got burned in the sun. If you put it on your legs, they will be shiny like with leggings, and there’s nothing sexier then smooth, shiny legs=)

The small bottle last for quite long, I used it often after shower all over the body, without using towel first, it’s then easier to apply it and the skin takes in more hydration. It also is good for making massages. Guy’s should like it too since it’s very quickly applied and they need to hydrate their skin at least once in a while. Hey, guys can ask their girls to massage the oil in, will be fun and useful activity for both!=)


Bodyshop Mango Body Mist

Our Mango takes on a fresh new form. Spray this light scented body mist all over your body for a gentle burst of exotic fruitiness. It’s irresistible.

  • Exotic mango fragrance
  • Light and fresh
  • Use all over body
  • Contains mango extract

This is the true addiction of mine. These mists are in many different scents, I choose mango. It is exactly sweet enough, but not too sweet (as strawberry f.e.). It immediately refreshes you, your skin, in the summer it is very much needed, after walking all sweaty in the heat all day. The perfume just makes you smell better as a perfume, but the body mist will make your skin feel washed and naturally well scented. It’s light on skin and doesn’t leave it sticky.

I keep one of mango scent in different bag, to get fresh on the go during the day and have one of coconut scent besides my bed, using just a bit before sleep=)


If you didn’t know about these two products yet, I hope this post will be beneficial for you, adding something very great to your daily beauty routine=)