Lucy Spraggan…

Just saw her, got amazed and couldn’t wait to share! Continuing the addiction to X-Factor, today’s episode from UK made my day. There are many amazing singers coming in, but there’s those few that just come out there on a stage and immediately make you a fan, very excited one! Lucy was just like that, she blew everyone away!

Lucy Spraggan, born 21 of July in 1991, comes from Buxton, England. She’s the girl with a clipboard on the street, the one that you try to avoid. It’s boring as hell job, as she says. And then that girl comes on stage, with her own song, hoping that her passion for music will bring joy to people, and after first few seconds of singing, I believe no one will ever be trying to avoid her anymore. She is funny and real, her voice is similar to Kate Nash and Lilly Allen as well as the style of music and brutally honest lyrics. I simply fell in love with her and hearing her song “Last Night” on sunday was a perfect timing=)

The genre of music she makes has been introduced as ‘A-FLOP’, which is where acoustic, folk and hip-hop all meet in the middle. In August she came in second in the national talent competiton final of Live and Unsigned (which had over 40,000 entrants), and it’s opened many doors for her since. She has been signed to BGM Records, finished her album ‘Top Room At The Zoo’, featured on BBC Introducing and was touring as a showcase act with Open Mic UK.

Originally Lucy is influenced by many artists, like Dolly Parton, Judy Garland, Nelly, Eva Cassidy, Petula Clark, Offspring, Limp Bizkit and Kirsty McColl. Her album “Top Room At The Zoo” is a work of a huge mix of genres, from rapping, to folk ballads to ska music. It took around 6 months to record it and over that time she was influenced by many more different artists, therefore she and her producer  just used trial and error to see what worked, so in some ways it was organic.

Lucy is a representative of LGBT, she has performed in many LGBT related gigs and speaking about her music she says her harshest critic is always her partner, because she is always honest and helps Lucy to sound her best.

I am pretty sure you’ll be hearing much more about Lucy soon and I myself will try to get more inside scoop from her, but till then, just enjoy her personality and music, I am pretty sure you’ll be sold in a second too! It was my “love at first sight” kind of thing=)

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And here’s she=)