X-Factor 2012 favorites…

Ok I finally admitted, that I am seriously addicted to x-factor Tv Show…It all started innocently last year only, when X-factor went to USA, and luckily it was amazing season with so much fascinating singers that it caught my attention. I was not planing to watch any other country’s shows, even though x-factor is now all over the world, but then I found out that one of my very favorite songs now, that I know all the lyrics to, from listening over and over again, is made by this years x-factor Denmark winner Ida (listen to the song). It made me explore x-factor on international scale and since USA will start showing only in september, I started watching X-factor UK and X-factor Australia. UK only has one episode out yet so it will be torturous time waiting for a week for next episode, which I am so excited about! Luckily Australia is 3 episodes in and I’ve watched them all, looking forward for what’s next.

I am an empath, which I found out thanx to the amazing Anne Onsøien, who I keep willing to introduce to you on my blog, but haven’t found yet enough time to do it properly, since she deserves my best efforts. I am truly grateful she finally found one word description for what I am and one word excuse for what I am – a radar of worlds emotions (in short version). I think this is one of the reasons why I love shows like that, they are full of vibrating emotions and I can feel them very strong even though if it’s through a screen and it’s nice to feel those uplifting, dreams coming true, sincere emotions in comparison of everyday depressing once. Well there’s also the fact that I was addicted (sorry if it’s a bad word but I think it’s strong enough to describe what I want) to music even before I was born, because my mom was listening to classic mostly but also other kind of music while pregnant and it was keeping me calm from kicking her, when she needed to be left in peace=) Music became the strongest part of my life, and even though I didn’t pursue anything with it, it guides me, inspires me and is an integral part of my life everyday…

X-factor made me realize how crazy and sad it is that so many people who were clearly born with amazing gift of music, in most cases don’t get the chance to share the gift and it is so worth sharing…We never think that the person behind encounter in a store or a trash collector or bank worker is hiding a voice that brings you to tears how beautiful it is… So thank God for shows like this, which gives those people to fulfill their destiny…

There might be many haters out there saying it’s another advertising stunt or lame reality show, but for me it’s about hope, it’s about dreams and most important about music, because it is unbelievable feeling, goosebumps, and tears (good once) when you see a talent coming up on that stage and singing his heart out…those 2 minutes change many many lives and I am happy to be one of the first witnesses of that=)

I decided to share some of those who already captured my attention (form UK and AU) and for who I’ll be routing, maybe you’ll be amazed by them too=)


[Bella captured me on AU show and the song was and is ringing in my head still…]

[Such a lovely lovely girl who deserves to be a star…]

[Matt also made amazing version of a song…memorable..I think these 3min definitely will change his life]

[Super hot girl power…really cool singers, clear star quality. Find them on FB and TW]

[Love his voice and looks, looking forward for his personality to come out…]

There’s much more of the good once left, but these were most memorable at the moment…I’ll keep you updated on what more will come along=)