William Howard…+new single

Very very happy to make this post finally and introduce you to the new musician that I believe has very bright future in front of him=)

William Howard (born 09/08/1990) is an 22 year old aspiring musician, from Greensboro, North Carolina. As a child he dreamed to be an NBA player, spent most of his time dreaming, planing and working hard to make this happen. But basketball did not turn out so great as he expected and after spending too much time on a bench he decided to explore other options.

As I saw, one door close thus I began to pursue other things. Music soon became what I enjoyed most…

I have to say, even though I am sorry his childhood dream did not came true, it is a very good thing for those who get to enjoy his music now=)

Music is no stranger to his family, his mother was an singer and an actress in New York City. She sang in musicals and plays. His father was more an avid listener, always enthusiastic about music and not afraid to express it.

I remember as a kid riding in the car to the beach with my dad blasting his favorite songs. My dad has a profound impact on my musical taste...

William plays guitar, piano and drums, which he also studied in college. He writes all of his songs and music with a help of cowriter, to share ideas and get inspiration from one another. Music is now Williams biggest passion that he is definitely going to pursue even if he won’t be able to make a living out of it. Working as an IT consultant at a real estate agency, he spends the rest of his time working with music. He says “I could never pursue a profession I wasn’t crazy about…”. 

And his passion is seen in the music. William has been featured already in quite many local magazines, has done many local shows some outside North Caroline too, and is very viewed on Youtube. Full length album is in plans, but the date is not set yet. So far he has 3 songs out, 3 amazing songs I may add, and is releasing a new single on his birthday 9th of August!

I am inspired by many things. A feeling, an event, a person, a poem, a dream, a nightmare. Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Jackson Browne – in my opinion are the 3 best lyricists of all time.  As a 19 year old, Bob Dylan’s lyrics sounded like they were from a man who had lived 100 years. I will always pursue that kind of depth in my music…

That depth can definitely be felt. I admire his love for the music and what he wants it to be. He is not making music just to make music, he wants to touch people’s life and make it better.

At the risk of sounding cliché, music is my way of communicating with mankind and with my creator God. I will never sing anything I don’t believe. Music is my way of setting memories in stone. It is also my way of sharing the moments of drama, comedy, tragedy and horror in my own life. I want my music to point to something more and to give hope. Often I find that one are in the same…

The making life better also reflects on his latest project that is in process. He is working now on a “Buy a Song, Save a Life” project that will give all profits from a song to help in the fight against aids.

When I was listening to his song “Through it all” for the first time, it sounded so relatable and brought up so many nostalgic emotions…there are many good songs out there, but not many of them touch you from the first time you hear them, William’s music does…it did touch me and I believe many others out there, so I am super excited for more of his music to come=) He has really unique voice which I like so much, it makes the beautiful lyrics and melody even more fascinating.

I am sending all of my support to William, hoping this post and future posts will help his music be heard by at least a bit more people, because it is definitely worth it, I love it so so much! I start my day with “Through it all”=)

To find out more, visit his website, Facebook, Twitter , SoundCloud, Youtube. On Instagram he’s williamhowardmusic . Get his music on iTunes.

And here’s some of his songs, the video for “All out war” is simply brilliant in my opinion=)

Happy Birthday to you William! (09/08/2012)

Thank you for your great new single=)