Hugu Teddybear…

I came across something very very cute today and something that was in a neighborhood all this time, but I haven’t seen it before. I believe this is an amazing creation and I decided it’s definitely worth sharing=)

Hugu is a lovable, hand knitted, fluffy bear full of sheep’s wool, that records and replays heartfelt messages.

Hugu is the way to know that you’ve got someone beside you. Your mum, kids, the love of your life… any person that’s important and close to you. It’s created and manufactured in Latvia and each bear is unique and different, no bear is the same, so your copy is one of a kind and special.

It’s heart contains a robust audio system which will save your recording. Pressing its paw, you can whisper your fondest thoughts into its ear. And this remains safe in the bear’s tummy forever.

Hugu’s soul and creator is Lauris Rasa, the engineer of sound system is Arnolds Ārinš,  the designer is Maija Mackus and one of the knitters is Brigita France. This team of people have touched many hearts with their cute creation, it is amazing how something so simple can be so fascinating…

I fell in love with those teddy’s and hope to get one with a message myself one day=) You are never too old for a teddy bear…=)

Find them on their website, Facebook and Twitter. It’s delivered worldwide.

And here are some examples of those cute once…which one is your favorite?? It’s hard to choose for me=)

And just for fun, few songs in honoring teddy bears=)