One small word, many big meanings…When you’re younger, being single seems like the best and most fun way to be, but as you get older, you truly start to understand the great value of that one special person, that one perfect company keeper…Being in a relationship is not being dependent, it’s not about the compromises or work, not about loosing yourself or being weak. Being with someone is enriching everything in your life by the possibility to share your happiness and sadness with the one person who will understand, relate, who won’t judge and will be at least one thing that matter when everything or everyone else disappoint you. One can always go through life alone, and be happy alone, but I believe it is much nicer to be able to share the joy of (f.e) sunny day with someone than sit on the bench alone no matter how good you can feel…Having someone in your life, that one special someone, is not mostly about having your back, it’s not about making things easier, but about making things more beautiful and memorable, when those memories stay not only on your mind but on someone else’s, it’s a free back up of nice times on external drive=)

After reading the Tiny Book (image from it on top of post) today and after some events, the thought about being single came over and I decided there’s no better way to express my thoughts, than through using other people’s work=) So I visited one of my very favorite sites, very simple one, but straight to the point –  and collected a bunch of images for you=) Some of them are what I truly can relate to (specially the one with loud music and alcohol), some of them are annoyingly motivational, and some….well, just look through and find what suits you=)

Remember, being single or not, it doesn’t hurt to keep believing in love and believing in those “happy endings” that we see in the movies, because any relationship even the one with yourself, on your own, is worth it’s own happy ending and everything is possible if you just believe it=) Cheesy (sorry!) but true!=)

Oh and one more thing…it’s inevitable!=)