She and Him…

Following the post about the cute book, I remembered something else I wanted to share. Somehow Joseph Gordon Levitt always associates in my mind with Zooey Deschanel. It might be because of the movie “500 Days of Summer” and probably also because they were great friends for around 12 years and had done nice collaborations together.

I am absolutely in love wit Zooey, with her corky personality that is so sparkling through those huge eyes! I can’t even say how much I like her, any movie with her is good for me despite the plot=) I absolutely love her style, her personality and amazing multi talents=) I also love her show “New Girl”, which I recommend to watch if it’s gonna come out again (I really really hope it will!). It’s something that represent Zooey great and makes you laugh your pants off (I like that expression) =)

Anyway, probably everyone knows Zooey by now, so no big introduction needed, but maybe not everyone knows about her music career, and that’s what I want to share=)

She & Him is an American indie duo consisting of Zooey Deschanel (vocals, piano, ukulele) and M. Ward (guitar, production). The band’s first album, Volume One, was released on Merge Records in March 2008.The duo is augmented by session musicians Rachel Blumberg (drums), Mike Mogis (pedal steel guitar, mandolin) and Mike Coykendall (bass, guitar).

Deschanel and Ward first met on the set of the film The Go-Getter, in which the actress had a starring role. The director, Martin Hynes, introduced them to each other and asked them to sing a duet together to be played at the end credits of the film. They decided to perform a Richard and Linda Thompson song “When I Get to the Border.” The two bonded over a shared interest in the records produced by George Martinand Phil Spector and by certain Ralph Peer groups such as the Carter Family. Zooey said in one interview:

“I always thought I would be able to sing and act, but at a certain point, it became difficult for me to share the music part. So I was writing a ton of music, but not really doing anything with it. I didn’t really know exactly who to collaborate with … until I met Matt, and everything seemed to fall into place.”

Read more of their story on their website, it is more colorfully explained=)

On March 17, 2010, She & Him released their second album, Volume Two. The album features 11 original songs written by Zooey and covers of NRBQ’s 1977 single “Ridin’ in My Car” and Patience and Prudence’s “Gonna Get Along Without You Now”, as well as a guest appearance from the indie pop group Tilly and the Wall on the track “In the Sun”.

A Very She & Him Christmas was announced on in September 2011. The twelve track Christmas album was released October 24, 2011 under Merge Records. said on 29 December 2011 that the album was one of its top three best selling MP3-albums over the Christmas period.

The music is corky and original as is Zooey and you simply fall in love with it. It has the retro vibe that gives you nostalgic and comfy feeling. I have two of their albums and I always listen to it when I want to upgrade my mood or loose myself in a dream world with dances and singing birds, old-school fairy tale like atmosphere=) The voice of Zooey is the main thing adding that special twist on the songs, it can’t be confused with anyone else’s voice=) So listen to the music and let yourself be swept away by the charming sounds and interesting lyrics=)

Visit She and Him website, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, LastFmGet their music onAmazon and iTunes.

And here is the lovely music, this is only few of many, so explore them all and enjoy!=)

(I don’t like you, but I love you…)

(and one with just She and other Him=) )