Inga Guzyte…

Very happy to present – proudly from Lithuania (well kinda) – an mad artist with scary-cute imagination!=)

Inga Guzyte was born in 1984 in Lithuania. She spent her first 11 years there after which she with her mother and younger brother moved to Germany. A new world with unknown words and different culture attacked a shy girl from Lithuania helping her to discover ways to make that big world interesting and fun for her. Skateboards became her friends and white sheets of paper suddenly started to become a expression of mystical world filled with cute and funny monsters. The hobby did not stop even after high school. Somehow she managed to keep that inventive and fantastic imagination alive even when seems the childhood years were long over. Soon the imagination transferred from paper onto small wooden boards with wheels giving them personalities and life. She finds her inspiration in redesigning skateboards and making them into novel art. It’s very unique and amazing.

After a stint in Germany, eventually Inga moved to California where she graduate with honors at the Santa Barbara City College. After many exhibitions, in recent years she has continued exhibit her peculiar universe, especially in Santa Barbara, and also in New York, San Francisco and Zurich.

“My work became the ultimate expression of my life journey, it captures the great moments but also the frustration. It shows sarcasm, a deep connection of art and my passion for skateboarding. My work represents the infinite cycle of life and death. I give birth to these crazy morphic characters out of used and forgotten skateboard, giving them a new life. It is a rebirth. Infused with intense personality traits (with a personal touch of mine) they grow their own soul. Every new character I create manifest it’s own individual life form. They like to be superheroes with tons of magic powers in a world where all unusual things seem possible. Hang them to your wall and see them take over the space, I gave birth to them now let your imagination run free to feed their universe for them to grow bigger and stronger”.

I fell in love with her work the moment I saw it! Sadly I never managed to learn the beauty of Skateboarding. I tried but after bruised body and bleeding lip my enthusiasm ended. I would though buy gladly a skateboard like that just to hang on my wall, hoping at night I’ll get to play with that little monster at least in my dreams=)

If you’ll love Inga’s work as much as I did, visit her page, Facebook, Twitter, Blogand Vimeo. If you don’t absolutely love it yet (which would be absurd!:P ) try looking at it again, maybe you’ll see it in a different light=)

Best of luck for you Inga! You are fantastic=)

Here are her work, enjoy!=)

MR.CAT from Inga Guzyte TV on Vimeo.