Griffin House update!

Well, in one of my previous post I wrote about Griffin House, an artist that I love very much, having a project to raise money for his new album. I am very happy to announce, that the project was beyond success since it not only reached the goal but went above it, that means work on the new album is starting and we should expect it sometime by the end of this year (which is not that far anymore).

Few messages from Griffin in the process of the project:

“I don’t know how to spell “holy shamoly” correctly, I guess I could have said “Holy Toledo”


Just checked in with Kickstarter to see where we were and couldn’t believe it.

I’m getting really psyched up to make this record.  Everyone’s generosity and support has made me feel even more inspired and more free to get in there and create something great.

Can’t say thanks enough.

Thank you!

G. “

“Thank you everyone for all your support! Can’t wait to start recording these songs.  This has been really fun watching this thing grow and finally reach our goal.  

I can’t say thank you enough.  Now it’s time to make a great record!

Griffin “

I am absolutely excited as so are all the fans I believe and most of all Griffin, so huge congratulations to him! And huge thank you to all who helped to make it happen!

Now let’s hope everything will go smoothly and I’ll keep you updated on the new album coming along=)

Yay to Griffin one more time!=)