Dan Robinson…

I always like to find something new…I always search for new music, new artists, new events….I also like to discover something not yet known by many and follow their progress…and most of all I like when that something new finds me!=) I like to be able to follow them from very first steps=)

And today I was found by one more aspiring young musician, who asked me to help him share his music with you guys=) And I am very pleased to do that, as I believe there’s something there and I am looking forward to see where his music path will take him!=)

Dan Robinson is a 20 years old singer/songwriter form a sea-side town called Scarborough (UK). He has been writing songs for about 2 or 3 years now. Music was in his life since young age as he used to be a dancer earlier in his life. His first song came from him inspired by the movie “Twilight” , he wrote a song called “New Moon” and the very great reaction to it from people inspired him to continue walking music path. Music is his hobby, but after gaining fans in the UK and now even in America and Germany he has enough energy and motivation to try pursue it into something more than hobby.

Dan has many unfluences within his music such as Andrew Belle, Ed Sheeran and Jason Walker and many more. These are his main influences because all these artists sing with passion and have the same effect and touch to their voice just like Dan. One of his “dream come true” would be to perform with artist like Andrew Belle.

He is writing the lyrics and music all himself. He plays guitar and a bit piano. Originally all songs are written acoustic on guitar and then with a help of a friend who has a small recording studio, the songs are transformed into studio version.

Having the educational background in creative media, Dan is doing all of his art work, for posters, covers, photo-shoots, it’s all him, making his music even more personal.

The “New Moon” was first way to get his name out and the latest creation “Settle Down” became an overnight success. Being a big “Vampire Diaries” fan, Dan made a compilation of that show adding his song to it and it got 17 thousand views over night and it keeps growing, making him very popular among “Vampyre Diaries” fans.

The song put his name out encouraging to work even harder and thnx to support from many fans around the world, an EP with the “Settle Down” song included, is expected in October.

I really liked that song and it is already downloaded. You be the judge yourself if you like Dan’s work or it’s not for you. As Dan says, he believes that when working on something you really love, good things come out of it and I believe that strongly too therefore I hope and wish for him that all goes well in the future!=)

You can find Dan on his Facebook page, and on his home page, YoutubeYou can get his song “Settle Down” among other songs oniTunes.

And here’s few of his songs=) Enjoy!=)