Ondrash Tattoo…

Till recently, Amanda Wachob was my favorite tatoo artist and huge inspiration, but recently I came across this amazing artists it literally took my breath away! I love this type of tattoos, these are the once that I want to have plenty on my body, they were my motivation to start putting ink on my skin so I was super excited to find this person, since, even though it might be hard to believe, there are not many of tattoo artist with style like this, at least I did not came across many of them.

I don’t know too much about this person, when I contacted him, his secretary responded that they are simply swamped, and there’s no surprise form in that. So I decided there’s no need for too many details, the pictures will speak for itself.

What I do know though is that Ondrash tattoo salon is based in Czech Republic, has over 10 years experience and if you want to book time for tattoo you’ll have to wait till 2013. The artist is Ondřej Konupčík, he studied in Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic, full-time, Magister of Arts-degree program, majoring in fashion Design. Also, Ondrash is an establisher of annual charity event Zkruhu2 in Znojimo. Top tattooers and people who are getting tattoed by them the symbolic circles, are helping children with so-called disease of butterfly wings. This is open and in Europe completely unique charity. The first year had a great response and Ondrash raised money for Znojmo children’s home.

Well from his work it is easy to see that art is in his blood and now he’s spilling other’s blood creating that art=) I think he is absolutely amazing and I dream about tattoo from him, luckily there is a rumor that next year he is coming to my friends studio in Denmark, so my dream might just come true, or else I’ll have to visit Czech again, but not for touristic reasons this time=)

You can see Ondrash work on is page and on his Facebook, MySpace.

Here’s some of the tattoos I loved most, even though all of his work is absolutely amazing…=)