Griffin House…and his new record!

Huge huge fan, so I was very excited to hear from Griffin about the new project, which I hope I can help happen by sharing the info!=) So here we go=)

Griffin House was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio on April 21, 1980. His father worked in a tire shop and his mother helped place children with foster families. In high school, the athletically-gifted House landed a role in a musical and was surprised to learn that he had a natural talent for singing. House bought his first guitar for $100 from a friend, turned down a golf scholarship to Ohio University and instead went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and started to teach himself how to play the guitar and write songs.

House began writing and recording and issued his first independent release, Upland, in 2003. His music attracted attention from Nettwerk, a Vancouver-based management company and record label, and House partnered with the label’s American branch to issue Lost & Found in 2004. In August 2004, on CBS Sunday Morning, music journalist Bill Flanagan (MTV/VH1) raved about Lost and Found, putting the newcomer on his short list of the best emerging songwriters in the U.S. “I bought House’s CD after a show in New York City,” said Flanagan, “and this never happens: I took it home and must have listened to it 20 times that weekend. I was knocked out.”

Several self-released albums followed, and in 2008 House released Flying Upside Down, produced by Jeff Trott and featuring Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench. House has released the majority of his records on his imprint label, Evening Records. House has toured extensively, opening for artists such as Ron Sexsmith, Patti Scialfa, Josh Ritter, John Mellencamp, Mat Kearney, and The Cranberries. Since 2007 House has been a national headliner.

He lives in Nashville, Tennessee now.

I absolutely love his songs and his voice. The song “Better Than Love” is one of the most loved once of mine, which no matter if I listen to billion times still has the same amazing positiv effect. I even joked that I would marry anyone who would propose to me to this song=) It sounds so honest and true and inspired me for my many creative moments. I can’t describe how fascinated I am by it. The song “The Guy that say’s goodbye to you is out of his mind” always made me feel is about me and that’s the beauty of the song, it makes every girl feel special and honored=) The song “When the time is right” got me through some very very sad times and encouraged to make some things happen, because it says “when the time is right – don’t hold back” and I didn’t and it changed things for better….I could go on and on about how each of his songs, full of emotions and beauty changed one aspect of my life or the other, but I believe you should just listen to Griffin’s songs yourself and let them carry you away like they do me=) I will always admire how brilliant and warm Griffin is and how it portrays in his creative work and I will always be thankful for his music as it is truly washing the dust of everyday life from soul=)

NOW the important part!

After having some time off and having a start of beautiful family, Griffin is back full of ideas and energy and the will to release new album yay! But he needs a bit help. He started a Kickstarter project, where YOU can pledge and support him and off course there’s also reward for that. The goal is 30 000 by July 22nd (Sunday), so there is not much time left. The amount collected now is pretty close, but it is not enough, so please don’t hold back, because the time is right now and I am sure the new album is definitely something to look forward! It doesn’t have to be a big pledge, every penny counts, so go and show your support and help Griffin continue change life’s with his music=)

Go to Kickstarter project page, to find more info and see how you can pledge. I am a backer already and even though I wish I could have back up more, I really hope it helped, and even more I hope you will be inspired to help too!=)

If you want to find out more about Griffin House, go to his website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. Check out his music on Amazon and iTunes.

I hope you all will pinch in one way or another, even if it’s simply sharing this project, because the goal is so near and it would be such a shame if it wouldn’t happen….

Looking very very much forward for news from Griffin and I hope that those who didn’t knew yet about him, will be positively influenced by his music=)

Best of luck and inspiration to you Griffin! And lot’s of love and support from my side!=)

And here’s some of the music, enjoy!=)