Cruelty Free International…

Following the theme of animal welfare, from previous post about Bobi AustraliaI want to introduce to you another community that fights against torture of animals.

In nowadays I am really surprised that whit such advanced technologies etc. poor innocent and helpless animals are still used for testing cosmetics and drugs. It is absolutely unnecessary torture and crime that has to be stopped! And the more people will shout this out the better are the chances of strict actions taken, so don’t stay neutral, there’s so much you can do to help make the good changes.

Cruelty Free International is the global campaign, calling on governments and regulators around the world to introduce a ban on the testing of animals for cosmetic products and ingredients.

Established by the BUAV, one of the world’s longest standing and most respected animal protection organisations, Cruelty Free International is head-quartered in London from where an international network of organisations are mobilised in a coordinated campaign.

Animal testing for cosmetics still happens. Over 80% of the world still allows animals to be used in cruel and unnecessary cosmetics tests.

People do not want animals to suffer and die for cosmetics and toiletries, and there are many safer and humane ways of testing products and ingredients.

It has quite few celebrities behind them supporting their cause and using their fame to attract people’s attention. Performers like Joss Stone and Ricky Gervais are speaking out how crucial it is to ban the cruel and unnecessary testing.

Animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats are routinely injected, gassed, force-fed and killed for cosmetics testing worldwide.

Following a high profile, long-standing campaign spearheaded by the BUAV, there is now a ban in place on animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients in the European Union, as well as on the sale of some cosmetics that have been tested on animals elsewhere in the world.

Croatia and Norway have followed suit by banning animal tests for cosmetics and ingredients, and in 2015 Israel will also implement a ban.

However, there are no restrictions in other parts of the world, including the USA and Asia. In a global market it is important that all countries ban the practice to avoid animal testing simply being moved around the world to those countries with no effective laws.

Animal tests may still be carried out around the world for three main reasons – regulators have not yet approved or accepted new non-animal tests; some cosmetics companies are selling products with innovative ingredients where they are still using traditional animal tests and governments around the world are still allowing the tests to happen.

However there are many modern methods to avoid the necessity of animal testing and to break the old habits, we all have to stand united and demand banning of this terrible thing. If YOU won’t be buying the products they test on animals, then they won’t make them, so YOU have a choice and with one small choice big big changes can be done.

Animals can’t speak, so we have to speak for them and protect them! If we won’t, how do we dare to call ourselves humans, higher race…We supposedly all came from monkeys and now we torture them, for a new Shampoo, how ridiculous and horrible is that!

Another company – Bodyshop, also joined CFI. One of the reasons why I buy everything in Bodyshop, despite the fact that I like their products, always was because of their methods and message. They were always against animal testing and they are environmentally friendly. Since 15th of May, in all stores of Bodyshop around the world, everyone can sign a pledge, to ban the testing on animal.

That’s the least you can do! It costs nothing but means a lot, so please sign the pledge too and save lives! You can also do it online – HERE and for EU citizens – HERE.

The other steps to help are, first of all buy products with a sign of “not tested on animals”. Thats the most important step to stopping the companies – rejecting their products that are marked with pain of innocent creatures.

You can also donate to CFI to help them in this war. Spread the news! Share with those who didn’t know so far about this issue. Who didn’t want to know – make them, ignorance is not an option!=) You are also welcome to contact the companies who you know that test on animals asking them to stop, with big amount of voices, they won’t be able to keep us quiet anymore, so speak up!

I really hope I managed to explain how big of an issue it is and that it is possible to change it, if we all come together – united anything is possible, so please, don’t stay quiet and don’t ignore this, take some action even a small one like signing the pledge, I am sure you yourself will feel so much better doing something honestly kind.

Visit CFI website, their Facebook, Twitter. Also visit the Bodyshop blog and learn more about their good cause actions, also involving their new activist Lily Cole.

Visit as well the BUAV website and Facebook, Twitter.

Some videos…quite  shocking but maybe this will be a wake up call…