Bobi Australia…

Bobi Australia is a bunch of various designers (architects, graphic designers, industrial, environmental designers etc.)  who decided they want to do something about cruelty against animals. It was all of their common passion and they figured out a very interesting way to do that. They originally are located in Melbourne Australia, however a lot of them are also from Italy as well as they have support from all over the world.

Bobi project started around a month ago as an experiment on Twitter and Facebook, but apparently this idea was brilliant, since it got many many responses and support in such a short time! The goal of this project is to raise awareness about animal welfare issues that often stay unnoticed or not mentioned, to reduce animal suffering and cruelty through education and raising awareness for informed consumer decisions.

“We would like to inspire people to live a cruelty-free lifestyle which will help reduce unnecessary suffering. We hope that each member of Bobi will be motivated to make changes in their lives, and share their knowledge with their family and friends…”

They promote cruelty-free lifestyle using imaginative and creative posts, art of all sorts – design, photography, graphics, architecture etc. Each off course with a message about animal welfare.

Bobi Australia is a voluntary organization and anyone can join, the more the better! So if you have a story, a picture, a piece of art or anything that you think would be relevant for this subject, don’t hesitate to contact Bobi, they will surely appreciate that=)

All of the Bobi members also have rescue pets at home, strongly believing that rescue is better than buying. Which I agree too, there are so many full of love and dedication animals out there waiting for home, it breaks my heart to think about it. I am huge animal lover, who’s best friends where always pets of all sorts, I used to drag all the possible homeless cats and dog home since I was little, I save snails from being crushed on the road if I see them and I can’t even kill a mosquito, even though it’s a mean parasite. I had my share of adopted pets, sadly all ended bad since the conditions they were kept in made them beyond sick and even in a good home and with good vet they did not survive. So as soon as I could do something about it – I did. I was always donating to different animal shelters, spreading all the news or info I got about animal welfare, I have been a member of Greenpeace for around 6 years now and I follow the news on Care2I also support very much Jason Debus Heighl Foundation, since they are helping Pitbulls and other fight dogs that are one of my favorites and so wrongly seen in society eyes.

One of the reasons for this blog was also to be able make some changes by sharing information about how to make a change in one aspect or another. Being designer and all round artist (at least in my heart) myself I was super excited about Bobi Australia, since I believe their message will definitely come across strongly. Presenting issue in more artsy way is more approachable to people I think, than a scary image or article. People tend to be ignorant and avoid sad things, mostly because they feel unable to make  a change and they don’t want it to hunt them. Well I believe if you show that the change can be done, by simply being creative or passionate about art it will be more effective. It’s not scary – it’s beautiful and it is important for YOU to see it, hopefully it will change something in your life and that’s a start.

Follow Bobi Australia on Facebook and Twitter. Be part of the community and don’t be cruel!=)

Here are few of my favorite images from their page, to give you an idea what’s it about=)

Little extra..nothing scary to frighten you, but to remind you how lovable animals are=)