Dani Shay…

dani shay from glee project

I just couldn’t go to sleep tonight without doing this post, a post about a fantastic and mesmerizing person I just noticed very recently. I am all excited about it and therefore I really wanted to share a name that you should definitely remember!=)

Dani Shay, easy to remember and definitely worth it=) From the moment I saw Dani in the casting, the looks were capturing, making Dani stand out. It was the casting for Glee Project. I’m sure most of you know the TV series Glee, that became such a huge hit and an inspiration to all the underdogs around the world. I started watching that show because of the music, and the performances that most of the time give me goosebumps, but it did indeed became much more than just a nice musical series, it became an inspiration for reaching your dreams, staying true to yourself no matter what and embracing if you are different with pride. I really admire that show because of how they are helping to make a difference in the world. To make even bigger difference, Glee Project was born, giving the chance to be a part of this amazing cause for all the talented underdogs of the world. After going through first season and falling in love with quite few of the members, I decided to watch the second season too. While in the first season there was plenty to cheer for, and lucky enough my 3 favorites were also the 3 top winners (Samuel LarsenDamian McGinty, Alex Newell), the second season did not start out so nice, since most of my favorites did not get into final 14 and then in the first two episodes they kicked out really the wrong people.

Dani was the one leaving in second episode and this was a shock to majority of people as far as I’ve read online, as it was a shock for me, since I was sincerely thinking Dani will win or at least will be a runner up. I think it is huge loss for Glee Project, but as I said many times before, big star doesn’t need to win, it was enough the few episodes to introduce to us Dani for thousands of people to fall in love with her and she will go far and I strongly believe she will make changes in the world, she already made some in mine=)

Now I finally getting to the part telling about Dani=)

Dani is a 23 year old contemporary folk singer/songwriter from Florida, who is also co-founder and spokesperson for Be More Heroic (a new anti-bullying campaign, FB page). Dani’s been writing songs and playing guitar since the age of 16, and she’s already written and independently released a total of four albums and two singles. She was one of the 48 finalist in America’s Got Talent season 6 and has two viral videos on Youtube that put Dani on the spotlight helping her with her mission to change the world for better. She wants to be a voice of new generation, that doesn’t follow the strict definitions of a woman or a man, as Dani herself makes people questioning all the time is she a boy or a girl. First of all she is a person, a very talented and stunning person, that encourages everyone like her or who is different to feel comfortable in their own skin and be themselves, whatever it is they feel like.

Dani moved out at age 17 from home and was working and fighting hard for her dreams of being an artist to come true. She also came out to her mom at age 18 that she’s attracted to women and that journey of discovering yourself and accepting is never easy, but this was probably the biggest inspiration for all of her work and also what made her such an inspiring and admirable role model. One of her biggest role models is Ellen Degeneres, and there’s no surprise there. I actually see similarities between them too, the strong and very talented personalities that give back to the world all they can with their open hearts and minds.

I can’t even explain how glad I am to finally know about this person, because the world needs much more of people like that. Dani is stunning, simply stunning, making you wanna stair at her for a while… she has amazing, beautiful voice (that actually resembles a bit Alanis Morissette) and very kind and artistic soul. This is the person you should learn about and I hope this post will help at least a bit=)

Huge huge support and lots of love from my side to this wonderful, fantastic artist and looking forward for what will come next from her!=)

Find out more about her on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace, iTunes, ReverbNation. Visit her anti-bullying campaign.

And here’s some videos=)