A Bash of shows….

I decided to share some shows that I very much enjoy watching, so maybe it will be an great entertainment for you on your free time when you just want to shut off your mind on the sofa in front of TV for a bit, or when you’re having breakfast, like me=) Most of my shows are seen for breakfast!=)

Some of them very new some of them not so much….I also probably forgot a bunch I wanted to include, but then wait for the next post with more of them!=) Some of them I love because of old familiar faces in them, faces I watched when growing up, for example Fran Drescher, who was my favorite Nanny with unforgettable voice=)

I am not mentioning the really big hit shows like The Big Bang Theory or Family guy or anything like that, although I love all of them too, I wanted to share less known, smaller shows, which you maybe haven’t noticed but they are worth noticing=)

Great great (and hot in many cases) cast, fine humor, interesting plot=)

So look through and choose whatever suits you and I hope your day will be at least a bit more fun because of it=)

Happily Divorced 


(Facebook, watch HERE)

Melissa and Joe

(Website, watch HERE )


(website, watch HERE)


(website, watch HERE)

Franklin and Bash

(website, watch HERE)

Rizzoli and Isles

(website, watch HERE)

Common Law

(website, watch HERE)

Harry’s Law

(website, watch HERE)

Another bash coming soon=)