Julie Nord…

One more artist from my Favorites collection and I think if you followed all the previous posts you’ll see the similarity of art work that I preffer=)

Introducing to you the wonderful and twisted Julie Nord!=)

Julie Nord was born in 1970 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she is still living and working now. She is a visual artist who finished The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. 

Her artwork is cute and terrifying at the same time, as she combines fairy tale like images  with nightmare elements. In her work mostly dominates girls with big almond eyes and cute princess like dresses with horrifying surroundings sneaking up on them. I love the work as it is so unbelievably detailed and all is wonderfully connected. You have to look for a while to discover all the details in the paintings. All the small details put together at the end make one fascinating and scary fairy tale. Julie is writing stories with images using her sharp pen.

She had many exhibitions through out the years, most of them in Denmark, but some of them also in Norway and UK, even USA. Everybody is charmed by her graphics and rich imagination, that can only be envied. I loved her exhibition in AROS museum in Arhus, Denmark.

To find out more about Julie, go to her website. And there’s gonna be documentary on Julie, you can watch the preview here.

I think a picture speaks a thousand words, so here’s some of her work, enjoy!=)