Juli Jah…(Juli Über Alles)

Finally I got around to writing about one of my favorite artist, who I also know personally! (because the world is small and because I’m lucky I guess=)) )

Introducing to you Juli Jah (or you can also find her under Juli Uber Alles). A very young and very very talented artist, originally from capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, but now residing in Germany. I was amazed by her work when I first saw it in my friends tattoo shop. It is exactly my taste art – a hell a lot of details and it’s, well let’s be honest – scary. It is fascinating how all these beautifully twisted ideas come from one tiny blond girl! But looks can be deceiving obviously!=))

Her personality is very unique and original, very very charming and that’s also how her work is. Creative spirit that can’t be stopped, so I’m sure she’s going to become highly known artist, because talent like that can’t stay overlooked! And I’m hoping this post will help more people to fall in love with her work the way I did=)

Juli discovered her talent for drawing at a very young age, luckily so did her parents, who sent her off to art school. She is thankful to them for that as she is also thankful for sending her later to Vilnius Art Academy. She was always dedicated to her passion of drawing a lot, and worked hard on developing her skills, as she says herself, if she wouldn’t have felt this is what she supposed to do in life, she would not have spend all of her time in art studios drawing while other children had fun playing outside. She says the talent was and always will be there it’s just hard sometimes to wake it up, specially at nights!=)

After graduating from Vilnius Art Academy, Interior Architecture, she tried interior design, tried print advertising, she even tried the hard and complicated work of waitress, but ended up being a freelance artist, just waiting for her big moment of recognition to come, while working hard till then=)

Her inspiration comes from life, experiences…she says as you go along, your mind changes, your view of the world… and sometimes it changes into bloody rabbits and naked ladies..all in the name of art though!=)

Her art somehow always makes me remember Maria Rubinke although they have completely different techniques. Juli says, digital art will never be her priority, she is old fashion gal, who uses Watercolor and Rotrings. She loves subtile but strict graphics. When she was younger, she was very much into working with sculptures and instalations.

One of her biggest inspiration is music, it’s very big part of her life, she even jokes that she will marry a Techno Dj, because it would be so perfect to spend the life with someone who inspires and basically guides her talent=) She also works with a lot of musicians creating artwork for them, everything from posters to covers etc.

Her nearest plans are to move to the capital of Germany, she jokes that she heard one can get lost there, and she wouldn’t mind this kind of adventure! I am sure though someone would find her eventually after following her artwork left on every street corner, done in her small breaks from wondering around=)

Sadly mostly the greatness of any kind of artist is acknowledge after they are gone already, therefore Juli doesn’t hesitate to be all over the place and share her work with the world because she wants to be acknowledged while she’s still alive. The best thing is, she has already the big talent and she has her whole life in front of her to show it and develop it even more to unknown level…not everyone gets that, some people discover what they are truly great at only at the very late stage of their life and it’s such a shame of all the time that passed. So I know that Juli will be BIG because she wants to be and she has all the reasons why she can be!

I wish her the best of luck, or better not luck, but always enough inspiration and time to create=) I am certainly looking forward for all that’s still coming from that girl=)

To see more of Juli Jah work, visit her website, her Facebook page, Behance page. If you have an offer or request from her you are also always welcome to contact her by email –  julijah@live.com

Also, vote for her very very cool T-Shirt on TalentHouse.

And here’s some of her work..mixed up from different categories…Enjoy!

Also some of the music that Juli listens to=)