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Arctic Home…help the Polar Bears

 I just stumbled upon this and I really loved it, I didn’t know about Coca Cola being concerned about polar bears that much, so I really enjoyed what they did, regarding this issue.… Continue reading

Cruelty Free International…

Following the theme of animal welfare, from previous post about Bobi Australia, I want to introduce to you another community that fights against torture of animals. In nowadays I am really surprised that whit… Continue reading

Bobi Australia…

Bobi Australia is a bunch of various designers (architects, graphic designers, industrial, environmental designers etc.)  who decided they want to do something about cruelty against animals. It was all of their common passion… Continue reading

Dani Shay…

I just couldn’t go to sleep tonight without doing this post, a post about a fantastic and mesmerizing person I just noticed very recently. I am all excited about it and therefore I… Continue reading

A Bash of shows….

I decided to share some shows that I very much enjoy watching, so maybe it will be an great entertainment for you on your free time when you just want to shut off… Continue reading


Quick shout out to share my favorite source of music lately=) A friend showed me a very cool online radio, with basically unlimited source of music, and now it’s the first thing I… Continue reading

Stickeri is up and running!

Updates on my friends!=) In one of my previous posts I wrote about new company STICKERI that will be dressing up devices. After some struggling as always, in the last minutes, finally the… Continue reading

Julie Nord…

One more artist from my Favorites collection and I think if you followed all the previous posts you’ll see the similarity of art work that I preffer=) Introducing to you the wonderful and… Continue reading

Juli Jah…(Juli Über Alles)

Finally I got around to writing about one of my favorite artist, who I also know personally! (because the world is small and because I’m lucky I guess=)) ) Introducing to you Juli… Continue reading

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