EuroStache…Coolest mustaches in Europe!

I was contacted by a guy who shared a project he is doing now and I thought it’s a very nice project that I should share=)

The guy is Kyle Spraker and his goal is to release a book of coolest mustache from all around Europe…he uses his own finances to travel around and take pictures, but he needs a support to release the book. That’s where all of you can help!

Kyle is a life loving person who above all loves to travel and photography, he has been practicing photography for the last 6 years. He comes originally from Texas, but decided to explore Europe and capture a different side of it, one that wasn’t really captured yet – the mustached side…

I really love the idea of making the book from ordinary people, it’s a representation of real life and original men who are not afraid to be outstanding with their looks.

The best thing about this project though in my eyes is that you not only get a book of fine images from real people all over Europe, but that Kyle is true good deed enthusiast. He said that the profit from the book will go to under privileged children all over the world and that while traveling he and his companions will try to help out local charities and children centers in the countries they will visit.

All the possible information needed you can find on this page HEREIf you’ll decide this project should be developed, please pledge and share the info, cause Kyle can use all the help he can get! After all, small support from you can have big effect in, first of all making someones dream come true, secondly it’s for a good cause and third – it is definitely a promising book to look at, doesn’t even matter if you’re a mustache fan or not!=)

Also follow Kyle on Twitter, to see how it goes. And here’s a VIDEO that explains more.

I wish you the best of luck Kyle!!! And hoping the book will see a day light!=)

Small preview of idea…