Carli Davidson…

Today I stumbled upon an fantastic photographer, who’s pictures just brightened up my day=) A photographer with whom I share the love for animals and I am amazed by the work with them!=)

Introducing Carli Davidson, a 31 year old photographer from Portland, OR, who is a freelance photographer for a Zoo and a professional care taker and trainer of animals. Her understanding of animals and their characters let’s her capture the personality and uniques in each photo, whether she’s photographing the most pampered of house cats or a disabled rescue dog, her portraits never fail to capture the ebullient personalities of her subjects. She works both with commercial and fine art projects. What she loves most is to do portraits and that’s what her portfolio is filled with=)

Carli Davidson aims her lens at domesticated pets and zoo animals, capturing personalities rather than wild, untamed animal behavior. She’s internationally recognized for her work as a fine art pet photographer with her often humorous and consistently honest portraits. Besides the mostly fun and corky images of pets sometimes also with their owners, she also had series of photos displaying the cruelty of butchering animals and also a series of showing pets rescuing in the pet hospital on surgery table. All of her work is showing her huge love for animal and dedication to them, because as she herself says, it is a difficult subject to work with as they are not predictable or obedient all the time. 

“If it’s something I can’t really get into,” she notes, “it’s probably something I shouldn’t be doing!” – and I have the same opinion too=)

Carli is not only showing her love to animals with her photos she is also frequent donator to local pet organizations as she believes all pets deserve a loving home. She herself has a dogue de Bordeaux named Norbert, and an incredibly loud cat named Yushi.

Carli will soon release a book devoted to the many handicapped rescue animals she has photographed over the years. Her aim is using the “sellable images” find home for all the pets that are in need of one, Carli knows that it is hard for pets to get adopted and it is even much much harder for the handicapped once, that’s why her contribution is so valuable.

To see more of her work and keep updated on what she’s up to next, visit her website, her Twitter and Facebook.

And this is few of the images I loved most, because I love motion photography, for more go to see Galleries on her website, but for now enjoy this!=)