Off Their Rockers, by Betty White

I’m sure, you all know the amazing, elegant, wonderful in all possible ways – Betty White, who is super hilarious!=) I discovered today her show, that is a pure Vitamin C doze for every day=) A hidden camera show, where old people play pranks on young unsuspecting people…and if you find it offensive – too bad!

I think it’s a brilliant twist, for once a show showing how fun and inventive can older people be, taking their revenge on the youth for all those times they were pranked=)) I absolutely love the show, the humor is very tasteful and not a bit outdated like in all the others very similar to each other shows! Plus, Betty White is the “cherry on top” in this show, as a host making it cool and hilarious from beginning till the end=) I absolutely recommend it for everyone, you won’t regret watching!=)

The show is called “Off their Rockers”You can watch it in quite many places, for example on my favorite site Tubeplus, or here.

So enjoy and laugh away! Laugh makes you healthy and makes your life longer and happier!=)

And here’s some preview=)