Josh Krajcik..

One more person, from in previous post mentioned X-Factor USA first season, a guy who shocked (in a good way) everybody when first came out on stage.

When watching the moments before he went out on the stage, based on his mothers huge huge excitement, based on his looks, I was expecting it to be one of those funny videos of totally failed audition. The judges and the audience clearly had the same opinion when they first saw this “lion man” on stage, telling he is a burrito maker…Then the music started and after just few first second of him singing, everybody froze for a second because they got stunned. The voice was powerful and so unique, he was fully into the song and very confident. I myself could not believe this wasn’t a joke after all and got goose bumps on my skin. As soon as the song was over, the serious face turned again into this sweet innocent person, who was clearly meant to be a star, he just didn’t had the right stylist yet!=)

This “lion man” was Josh Krajcik. Why a lion man, I believe you can imagine from looking at the picture. I strongly believed he will be the winner of the X-Factor, either him or Chris Renebecause despite the many talents and amazing personalities in the show that season, Krajcik and Rene were the two most standing out for me, for their originality, for them being songwriters and musicians themselves… for them two, even though having completely different style of music, being most passionate and mature enough to be as great as they were destined to be…I was almost right, Josh came in second and Rene third in the competition. The winner was absolutely ridiculous and I am sure it was unfair, because that girl had nothing to offer except one more copy of Whitney Houston voice. But anyway, as I said in previous post, I believe she only won because there is no way she would became noticed other way, while Josh and Rene have more success and more love now that she will ever have.

After the performance, L.A Reid (one of the judges) said “I know why you dress like that…so people could see you BEFORE and AFTER…”. It was quite accurate, he pointed out that behind preppy image a star is hiding, that needs help to show itself. Krajcik however didn’t change that much, he stayed true to what he is just making his presence more polished up, instead of changing it completely. Josh truly deliver Krajcik Magic through out the whole competition.

Josh was born in Wooster, Ohio to Lisa and Ron Krajcik. Josh has an older brother named Zack. He began taking piano lessons at an early age and has indicated that he had one piano teacher that taught him basic music theory as well as how to read music, while another piano teacher taught him how to play by ear. Josh was in junior high when he began playing guitar. He received his first guitar, a Fender Stratocaster, from his dad, Ron, when he was 12 years old. His father also plays guitar and the two have been known to often jam together.

Currently Josh is working on his debut album and preparing to go on tour, so if you’ll fall in love with this Joe Crocker style voice, make sure to buy his music and go see him life, I’m sure this will be one performance you’ll never forget=)

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And here’s his journey=)