Simon Prades…

One more amazing artist from the style that I adore! It is absolutely fascinating how extremely detailed his work is and what a brilliant imagination he has.


My name is Simón Prades, I was born in 1985 in southern Germany, in a spanish/german family. I am curently studying Graphic Design, focused on Illustration and Book Design. I love to work in analog mediums, mainly ink, pencil and aquarell without ignoring the computer as a tool to finish work. I am always interested in collaborations with other artists, from all disciplines…”

Simon Prades get’s his inspirations mostly from books, friends and family. He said 6 particular books  inspired his “Our Books” series of fused illustrations. The 6 books — “The Catcher In The Rye,” “The Stranger,” “Cannery Row,” “100 Years Of Solitude,” “Sand” and “Stiller” — and six people are paid homage to in the illustrations. The books were chosen for a variety of reasons; some were presents from the dedicated people, some were an aspect of his relationships like “Catcher in the Rye,” while others reminded him of his past. For example, the illustration of Max Frischs’ “Stiller” conveys a sense of ambiguity, a feeling he got when he read the book and when he used to practice graffiti art with his friend Kriz.

“All books and drawings have a different story or concept, but so are the friendships and relations to the people that we love,” .

His latest work is called “Chaos und Ordnung” which translated from German means “Chaos and Order”, it is mages of daily newspapers  that have been collected and arranged in large ink drawings,filling shapes of three animals with disasters of the human race.

I am amazed by his work and off course wildly jealous of talent like that, I wouldn’t have patience to finish something with so many details! Bravo to the amazing young talent, who even though is still a student, looks like a high level professional to me=)

Make sure to see his website for more of his work, also find him on Behance and Society6. I believe he is also on Twitter.

And here’s some of his work, enjoy!=)