Daily fashion doze….

Hey guys, I want to share something really cool with you=) It’s a person I’ve been following on Facebook for a very long time, a person with huge passion for fashion and amazing taste in it! That person makes daily posts of amazing style from around the world almost always accompanied with very wise quotes.

For various reasons for now the person behind this daily inspiration and beauty would like to remain secret, so she (I assume) or maybe he are like Gossip Girl of the fashion, but as long as the post keep going it’s fine by me!

Recently the post expanded into a Facebook page, with everything in english and more approachable to everyone, therefore I highly recommend for you to check that page out and LIKE it, I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed and your daily Facebook experience will become at least a bit more enjoyable, beautiful and stylish!=)

Check out FASHION JUNGLE INN on Facebook, or add Batukai Grozis (which translated means Shoe Beauty) as friend on Facebook and look forward, as I very much do, for them to become a blog or website some time in the future!=)

Hope you’ll enjoy it!