iPad cover charging your device using sun energy!

Well now that’s a good and environmental friendly investment I’d say!=)

American electrical company Hammacher Schlemmer has developed an iPad case that lets you charge your iPad using solar power. The solar-powered case features an integrated battery to give your iPad up to ten days of working power on a single charge. The solar panels on the case are made of organic photovoltaic ink, a new technology which converts both indoor and outdoor light into electricity.

The case also comes with a stand, USB for charging other devices and a built-in HDMI output to connect to an HDTV.

Very stylish invention and as I mentioned before, a good investment, both considering electricity bills and the future of the earth=)

You can buy it for $200 HERE.

and here are few videos showing how awesome is the company who designed this case=) So don’t miss ut on visiting their website=)