Introducing a singer from Iceland – Sóley.

Sóley from Iceland is a member of the indie-collective Seabear. She also studied composition and is a passionate piano player and singer. In 2010 she released her debut EP “Theater Island” which is followed by her first full-length ‘We Sink’ – a pop record, that sounds like a dream: sweet and weird at the same time.

It’s an album full of rhythmic makeshift creatures, of handclaps hidden in the undergrowth, tempting us to join in. The 13 tracks are sometimes incredibly catchy; amazingly quirky at other times: think cardigan-folk from the northern hemisphere, an ocean of stained glasses bopping up and down in the shared apartment’s dishwater, leeward in limbo. And thus we keep on sinking, deeper and deeper, until we stand on terra firma once again, realizing that somehow, next to us, above us, around us, a beat is laid out, hesitantly moving along at first, then careering…
 Weird – definitely, brilliant – absolutely! It is no wonder why it might be a bit weird, since all of her songs come from her unique imagination…

“I love playing the piano. I really play a lot. My lyrics for my EP ‘Theater Island’ came from imaginations. I like to imagine stories, especially fantastic ones, that could not never happen in real life. I like to draw and i think, that it inspires me in a way, too. Other music, art and all that are inspirations as well…” – says Soley.

While I’m writing this post, in the background her song “Pretty Face” is playing on repeat, since it’s the song I fell in love today and that made me curious about Soley=) I also love the graphic artwork on her albums=)

To listen to Soley music, go to her MySpace page, LastFm, listen her on SoundCloud, like her on Facebook=)

Get her music on iTunes =)

Now, here are few songs of her, I sure hope you’ll like them, so enjoy!=)