Ancient Aliens…

For those, who still don’t know this show, and I believe there might be plenty, because I myself noticed it only in their latest season, I’m introducing a very great way to learn history and once again be proven of the existence of extraterrestrials=)

I always say to all the non believers, that it is very stupid and arrogant to think that among the billions of planets out there, we don’t even know how many of them there are, we are the only once in the whole wide universe…this is such an insanity that I can’t believe some people even still think like that!

Then I get those people to think a bit and since they can’t deny that I have a point, they try to change their point of view to not believing we are visited by others. But once again, why not? We constantly try to explore space, send out messages to it etc. so why wouldn’t you believe some else does it as well? And specially since maybe they have much more advanced technologies…

Scientist don’t even know the earth well enough, they constantly find something new and not known before….The idea of Adam and Eve is as well way too silly in our modern days. But if you rename God’s into Aliens, then it would make much more sense.

That’s what Ancient Aliens series is about…It tries to show you all the proof, written in stone, in our history, everywhere, that we are someone else’s creation, under constant supervision and in many cases helped out by our creators, someone other wordly.

For all the non believers, maybe this show will make you doubt a bit…and for all the believers it will be fascinating journey, seeing things differently =)

One of my favorite episodes was about Leonardo Da Vinci, which explained his brilliance and ahead of time inventions, that started after his two years disappears, what is assumed in some cave. Watch yourself and you’ll understand=)

The series is in their 4th season already, so plenty of episodes to catch up for those who missed out on them! And trust me it is truly fascinating and I would say very useful series, with lots of information and  amazing footage=)

You can watch it HERE. As well as on History Channel site or Youtube. You can also find them on Facebook.

And here’s the Da Vinci episode, one of my favorites, check it out!=)