A song that will haunt me now for days…

Hey guys, haven’t had time to post much lately and I’m sorry…I have a long “To Blog” list with amazing amazing people and art on it, just need to get around to it, cause I want to post them all properly and not quickly and half good…so stay tuned please=)

But anyway, I found something that I can post quickly and I just had to share because today I came across something that is so entertaining and annoying at the same time!=))

I discovered on music blog news a video by Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale, they were all goofing around to a song that apparently became very popular among celebrities. More and more of them started to make home videos dancing to that song and honestly, after few of those clips, I felt huge urge buy the song on iTunes and create my own video!=)) No wonder it went viral and thousands of people actually did that…Luckily I hate cameras so I will not end up in youtube dancing to a song that I normally would not listen and would actually change the radio channel once I hear it=))

Ok I guess by now you either already know what I am talking about or getting irritated that I don’t get to the point, sorry!=) So the song is Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. It’s a song that will ring in my head for some time now and I will probably dream it tonight, but it’s ok, cause it is eventually really entertaining and catchy and makes you happy dancing, and it’s always good to be happy=) PLUS, once you’ll watch the original video, from the time 0:18 in the video, you all will understand why I liked it…and probably some of you will rewind to that time in video few times=)) The ending though is not a happy ending for us girls, it’s unfair as life is…but till then it’s a eye candy images anyway=)

Ok so I think I talked enough….now just watch, and if you want the song after all the videos (which I’m pretty sure you will even if you hate it), you can get it on iTunes =) And if you want to find out more about this artist, visit her website.

Some are funny, some are scary, some are really good covers… applause to each and everyone making them!=)

Here’s a link to James Franco singing that song in the car…and no he is not driving even though it seems like that=)

Finally, the real deal…=)

for more of them go to youtube, there’s plenty!=)