Motivation? – Yes please…

Art director, independent consultant and graphic designer, there are many strings to swedish Therese Sennerholt’s creative bow. Having developed a love of magazines from a tender age, devouring Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar instead of spending her pocket money on sweets, she is now in a situation where her graphic style easily translates into posters, notebooks and even rugs.

“The words, or expressions, are snapped up from friends, or I think of them myself. Or borrow freely from clever personages.” – T. Sennerholt

Here’s some images of her motivational posters, which I loved very much=) It’s a style and subject that I admire very much since I am a big collector of quotes, phrases etc. myself, constantly finding where to use them in my life or my surroundings=)

Visit Therese website and Facebook if you want to find out more about her=)