Comics is an amazing and colorful (mostly) form of art…I certainly enjoy them a lot ever since I was a child…although the appreciation towards it changes with age…pretty images turn into much admired art…

Today I discovered two things, both amazing and now I’m sharing..

First of all a great website, for you to showcase your work or simply get all the inspiration that’s possible…It’s added to my Bookmarks bar and maybe I even will submit something of mine someday=)

“Awwwards are the awards that recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world.”

Find them on www.awwwards.comfollow on Twitter and Facebook. And for all design and art passionate people, don’t forget to visit their shop, which will blow your mind with the amount of good stuff available!=)

The second amazing thing is the collection of comics that I found on that site. They show 30 Stunning and Inspirational Comic Covers.

And here are they…Enjoy them! And visit the Awwwards site for more cool stuff=)

And here’s a video of more comics art work=)