City and Colour…

I have already mentioned this one of my favorite bands in one of my previous postsbut since I love their music so much and they have new songs out, I will mention it again=)

City and Colour –   is the recording alias for Juno Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, who was also the guitarist and vocalist of the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. He plays melodicacoustic and folk music and is often accompanied by a rotating number of Canadian indie rock musicians, such as Daniel Romano and Spencer Burton of Attack in Black.

The name City and Colour comes from his own name: Dallas, a city, and Green, a colour. His reasoning for the name was that he felt queasy “putting the album out under the name Dallas Green”. Green said that he had been writing material since he was around the age of 14. Regarding the songs released on his first album, Sometimes, Green said that he had been writing material for it as early as when he was 16 years old, and finished writing songs for it in 2005. I discovered them watching One Tree Hill a while ago and been following them ever since. I love the lyrics, the sound of voice, which can be easily recognized and every time you know it’s Dallas singing…his music sounds deeper meaning and just makes you love it…=)

Green also anounnced recently that City and Colour has been asked to play in support for Coldplay in Vancouver, April 21st. I wish I could be there! Two bands I love in one place…simply amazing!=)

To follow this great musician, check out his site, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, MySpace.

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And here are some videos from their newest album “Little Hell”

City and Colour at work…

And a Bonus Track..=)

And one of my very favorite…“The Girl..” I (like every other girl probably) wish someone would create something like that for me..=)