Clock Opera…

Some music for you guys…Fresh and  very much worth attention music group!

Clock Opera is a 4 people group, determined in their own special cut-up way to remind listeners even in a world over-filled with too much cynical, contrived and complacent pop music how positively amazing pop music can be, as an entertainment that can actively change perceptions. They are also a group, each of whom have been in other groups, who were formed in 2009, releasing a selection of songs and pieces on a number of labels including Pure Groove, Kitsune, Maman and Moshi Moshi and touring with various bands.

Clock Opera are a group, in other words an action concept, whose self-produced debut album is titled ‘Ways to Forget’. To forget some things is another way of remembering other things; forgetting helps you remember the important stuff. One way of putting it is that the album is full of romance and recollections, re-enactments and speculations, memory and mystery, machine generated mood and human thought, and like a lot of really great pop is the work of inspired experimenters who are interested in pop and/or the work of techno-smart pop guys who grew interested in experimenting. Their attitude is that the degree of idea circulation allowed by recording during say the last sixty years has not led to a block on music creativity. They take the view that the more we explore the past, leaving no stone unturned, the more we find things that have not yet been explored. Time is crucial to human identity. The pop song, especially one influenced by the free speech of William Burroughs, the serene zest of The Zombies and in the burned out, coalescing distance Burial and Christian Fennesz, is a fantastic way of playing with and replaying time.

There’s something about them that’s mysterious and luring in…or actually – everything about them is luring in! The colors, the personalities, the voices, the introduction, the choices for experiments…the music!

Their debut album “Ways to Forget” is coming out 23rd of April (2012) and I’m honestly very excited!=) What I’ve heard so far from them – made me a fan, so don’t miss out on the next great thing and get to know this band and follow them=)

Actually…better yet, help them! Clock Opera and SoundCloud make a project called MultiMixThe band will be making their new record from the sounds that You will upload on SoundCloud, how exciting is that! You can be a part of something truly unique=) The closing date for uploading is very near though (23rd march) so hurry up if you want to participate! Visit their website for more details=)

To keep track on this very interesting and different from anything seen (at least lately) band, visit their website, find them on SounCloud, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LastFm. Visit their Youtube channel as well=)

Here are some songs from then so you’d know what I’m talking about=) Enjoy!=)

one oldie from them=)