Cathy Heller…

Some music for you guys again=) This lady caught my attention today with beautiful lyrics of her songs and soft voice that goes along with soft melody…songs that are for a sunny day and a smile on your face=)

Introducing Cathy Heller!=)

Born on Long Island, to a piano teacher and a psychologist, Cathy has always had a love for music and an insight and compassion well beyond her years. Singing since the age of 2, Cathy, always dreamed of one day writing music that would be a part of TV and Film soundtracks. What began with her first song in a Kodak commercial, has led to numerous placements of her music on some of her favorite TV shows, ads and films. Her very memorable song Turn the Sunshine On was on NBC for a while and is still running on American Airlines. Fulfilling another childhood dream, Cathy, is having a blast working with The Jim Henson Company on her own music-driven series.

Currently finishing her upcoming album, Cathy has many more wonderful songs in store that will touch your heart and perhaps offer a new perspective in a world.

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Here are some of my favorite songs of her that today will play on my playlist (lyrics under video)…I hope you enjoy them too!=)

“When you just can’t sleep
When you’re counting sheep
I’ll be here for you, I’ll be here for you..”

“I don’t want to fall, I don’t want to break again
Can we skip this part and go right to the end
Two old souls in love forever, spent 60 happy years together
people will see us and believe..”

“When I first wake up you tell me that I’m pretty
If I think too much, you help me to be silly
Things make sense when we’re together
You make every moment better..”

“Turn your inside out, let it shine
That’s what it’s all about
Go on and turn your inside out
Let it shine
You’re doing fine…”

“The world is moving fast, cars go speeding pastMy My head is filled with sound, I’m swallowed in the crowd
Oh but I can hear my heart beating, I can hear my heart beating
Slowly, slowly still I breathe
I can hear my heart…”