Stop Joseph Kony!

Something that I came across today and it shocked me! I know there are many bad things in this world and many problems, but somehow in my mind I strongly believed that in this age we are mature race, evolved and grown since our ancestors in cave who were living ruled by brutal behavior of survival…But no, I am wrong! The only thing that evolved is that our brutal nature got modern weapons and more means of how to spread the cruelty…

Even though, the scary and disgusting things I see in movies exist in real life, I still believe that there is enough kindness and goodness in the world to go into battle with everything what’s bad, even if we won’t win, it’s worth trying…I know I always do all that I can to make changes for better, even if it’s a small thing like picking a snail from the road and putting it on the grass so it wouldn’t be crushed or bigger things like donating, participating in petitioning etc….And I am always glad to help spread the word, since I believe absolutely everything is possible if acting united! Just think about it…if all those united soldiers following one man like Hitler, would unitedly have stood against war, there wouldn’t have been one…

Well, life is not fair every single day (more or less), but today it’s not about that but about actually making a change and YOU CAN do it!

This story and the video that I will present later on really touched me and made me teary and I already signed the pledge and am looking into what I could do more…But all it takes from you is at least sign the pledge, a few seconds of your might save a life of many children…So please at least do that…and here’s a story of what I am talking about…

Invisible Children


In the spring of 2003, three filmmakers (Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, Laren Poole) traveled to Africa to document the genocide that was occurring in Darfur. Instead, they stumbled upon a little-known war that originated in northern Uganda in 1987, making it Africa’s second longest-running war after the Eritrean Revolutionary War. They produced a documentary about the children being abducted and turned into child soldiers by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). One man terrorizing 4 countries, but he wouldn’t have this power if people wouldn’t give it to him.

Out of fear of being abducted, the children of Uganda would walk miles every night to places of refuge in order to avoid the LRA.

The story of the invisible children sparked a grassroots movement mobilizing thousands of American teens into action to raise money to rebuild war-torn schools in northern Uganda and provide scholarships to African youth.

In 2005, a non-profit, Invisible Children Inc, was created, giving individuals a way to respond to the situation in Uganda. An employee of the organization, Nate Henn, was killed in the July 2010 Kampala attacks.

So the Invisible Children is a movement to end the invisible war in Africa and bring abducted Children home. The movies follow a group of these soldier children and tells their stories.

This year, 2012 they are making one more big stand trying to gain big attention and finally stop their over 9 years battle for goodness, by motivating people sign pledge for Kony’s arrest. Every signature counts! 


Find out more by going to their website and following them on Facebook.

Here’s their latest video…Pay attention…and make a difference