Original gifts…

Hey everyone! Today I want to introduce small but absolutely cute and funny gift ideas on different occasion…

Found it on feeldesain.com, a place filled with cool stuff, but today these few things where that caught my attention=)

Replace a greeting card with something much more adorable and memorable!=)



3-D soft toy that does everything a greetings card should… Made from paper-like plastic it resists water and rips and other general abuse but still remains crisp and easy to write on with a biro. Stuffed and stitched like a real teddy bear it’s the perfect way to record how you feel with messages and doodles, then send through the post (by fixing a stamp/address somewhere) to arrive at anything from the birth of a baby to the retirement of a colleague.

You can buy it HERE.




I don’t know how about you, but I am really bad with names…I forget one as soon as someone introduced themselves to me…it’s not polite but it’s not rare…If you are throwing big dinner or party, and have same problem as me…a great solution is here!=)

The TAGGED NAPKINS are paper napkins where you can write your guests’name. Its design is inspired in the sticker art phenomenon. “Hello My Name Is” is one of the most used stickers among urban artists, to leave their print in the cities. You can buy it HERE



I am big wine lover…it’s fabulous drink for many reasons and it is a very nice gift if you go for dinner to someone.

Now there is a cute and funny addition to make the bottle of wine even more enjoyable attribute on a table=)

An original addition to the wine bottle you bring to dinner‭. Bring your dinner party and your bottle corks to life with these cute‭, ‬collectable animal parts‭. ‬ ‬
Each pack includes the body parts required for one Corker‭.‬
Available in 6‭ ‬designs‭: ‬Monkey‭, ‬Deer‭, ‬Buffalo‭, ‬Bear‭, ‬Bunny‭ ‬&‭ ‬Crow. Cork not included

Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 2 cm

You can buy it HERE.



Not a children lover at all…not one of those who go to people with babies screaming with fascination how cute they are, even though we all know not all are babies are…

But politeness is one of those things that you have to be to survive in this world and not hurt people you like=) So if you have to go to a baby shower or baby party or whatever with babies, how cool would be this gift?!=) Maybe this will show that you might not be the best influence in babies life..but hey, it’s only for better, no one will ever ask you to baby-sit=)

Saddly it’s not available on shelves of any store yet…may never be available, but big thumbs up for the designer who created it!

While turning popular liquor bottles into baby bottles is nothing short of shocking, when it’s done like this one can’t help but silently laugh. This collection comes from creative series by Italy-based Anna Utopia Giordano called POPBottles. Taking toy brands we all grew up with like BarbieLEGO and Disney, she’s created some spot-on packaging that looks incredibly realistic.

I hope you found something you could definitely use=)