The Shins…

Introducing – The Shins!=)

The Shins are an American indie rock band founded and fronted by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, James Russell Mercer. The Shins were formed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but are now based in Portland, Oregon.

The Shins began in 1996 as a side project for singer/songwriter James Mercer, whose primary band was Flake Music in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mercer formed Flake Music in 1992 with Neal Langford on guitar, Phil Higgs and then Marty Crandall on bass, and Jesse Sandoval on drums. During the next 5 years Flake Music released several singles, a full-length album, and began touring largely due to the help of other bands like Modest Mouse.

In 1996, Mercer began writing what would eventually become The Shins’ first record. Flake Music came to an end around this time leaving Mercer with an opportunity to record, “Nature Bears A Vacuum” a 7″ EP released by Omnibus Records.

After a year as this lineup, during which half the songs on debut album “Oh, Inverted World” (including “New Slang”) were penned, Hernandez moved to New York City. Neal Langford was selected as his replacement, and it was this lineup that saw the group embark on a tour with Modest Mouse.

They came long way since then…and now they release  new album 20th March! 

The new song “The Simple Song” is on my favorites list and I absolutely love the clip!

It’s basically a mini movie starring band frontman James Mercer. The clip, from the band’s upcoming album Port of Morrow, was released exclusively via iTunes for free download for it’s coming out day. Now you can download it for small price here.

The video was directed by DANIELS and features a home movie style aesthetic, with Mercer playing the just deceased family of a dysfunctional family. As the character, Mercer sends his three kids on a hunt around their house to find his hidden will. In the end, the father gets the last laugh.

It actually reminds me my family so I liked it even more because of that=))

To find out more on The Shins, visit their website, their Facebook page and their MySpace page. You can also browse their space on Amazon to get some goods=) And find them on iTunes.

Here’s the fabulous and hilarious even though not in a nice way video of their newest song from upcoming album, enjoy!=)

A bit more info:



  • Oh, Inverted World (Sub Pop Records, 2001)
  • Chutes Too Narrow (Sub Pop Records, 2003)
  • Wincing the Night Away (Sub Pop Records, 2007)
  • Port of Morrow (Aural Apothecary/Columbia Records, 2012)

EPs / singles

  • “Nature Bears a Vacuum” 7″ (Aural Apothecary, 1998)
  • “When I Goose-Step” 7″ (Omnibus Records, 2001)
  • “New Slang” 7″ (Sub Pop Records, 2001)
  • “Know Your Onion!” (Sub Pop Records, 2002)
  • “So Says I” CDEP (Sub Pop Records, 2003)
  • “Fighting in a Sack” (Sub Pop Records, 2004)
  • “Phantom Limb” 7″ (Sub Pop Records, 2006)
  • Live Session (iTunes Exclusive, 2007)
  • “Australia” 7″ (Sub Pop Records, 2007)
  • “Turn on Me” 7″ (Sub Pop Records, 2007)
  • “Sea Legs” 7″ (Sub Pop Records, 2007)