Dianna Agron…

I can’t even express how much I admire this person….But I will try to tell about her enough so you would understand why I do=)

Dianna Elise Agron (born April 30, 1986) is an American actress, singer, dancer, photographer model and so much more, best known for her portrayal of Quinn Fabray on the television series Glee and for her character Sarah Hart in I Am Number Four.

Dianna Agron was born in Savannah, Georgia, and raised in San Antonio, Texas and San Francisco, California. She is the daughter of Mary and Ronald S. Agron, a general manager of Hyatt hotels. Agron’s father’s family is originally from Russia, and their original surname, Agronsky, was altered by Ellis Island officials. Her father is Jewish and her mother converted to Judaism; Agron attended Hebrew school and had abat mitzvah. Agron attended Burlingame High School in California.

While Dianna was growing up, she spent much of her time performing. She began dancing at the age of three, focusing mainly on jazz and ballet, and later began hip-hop dancing as well, she began teaching dance as a teenager. Dianna also spent much of her time performing on stage, appearing in many local musical theater productions when she was younger.

She is a vegetarian and a supporter of PETA. Dianna has a tattoo on her left ribcage that says “Mary had a little lamb”, referencing her mother Mary, and herself being the lamb, which is her nickname from her mother. Something interesting – she likes to spend time in graveyards as she finds it peaceful, and is very interested in gloomy, death-related things. She has an adorable bulldog, that is often her model for photography.

“What a world we live in. I want to be incredibly close to the heart of it all. To live honestly, truthfully and to be completely present is the ultimate enterprise. And right now, I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more. I am a very lucky girl….” 

I first noticed her on the show Glee. Dianna immediately caught my atenion because of her unique looks, it’s a face that stands out in a crowd. I am very surprised and excited how the image of Dianna shifted since I first started watching her on Glee. From spoiled and bitchy cheerleader she transformed into amazing, soulful, kind artist, and I don’t mean in the show…After I saw her in the movie “I am number four” (which I really liked by the way), she became my new favorite actress, because her personality goes above all the roles she had. I admire her creative spirit, the kindness that she spreads solely because of that unique voice. She looks like she is not from this age and thats beautiful. Another one that’s not from our era, as I mentioned in a post about Michael Buble, I admire old times and Dianna looks like a lady from vintage days.

She goes by the name Charlie…That’s how she created the space “You me and Charlie” that I presented in previous post. A space for creativity, any kind of.

“I guess I have never really felt like a Dianna. I suppose that is because my friends and family all call me Di, babe, kitty, lamb, all those special nicknames that only your loved ones could possibly coin. I didn’t realize it at first, but it seems as if I had taken a liking to the name Charlie for longer than I can remember!”

It started from her previous blog that caught so many people’s attention and encouraged her to make it bigger.

You never know what next will come from Dianna but it’s gonna be something fantastic, no doubt! So follow this lovely person on Twitter and Facebook, also visit her site and stay tuned for the new magic that she will bring to your life=)

And a bit extra, a video of her on Nylon Tv, enjoy!=)