You Me and Charlie…

Another site, that I adore and visit daily… – You Me and Charlie. It is created by the lovely, gorgeous, talented and fabulous by all means Dianna Agron. Big thank you to her for bringing daily inspiration and motivation to everyones life and thank you for sharing her creativity=)

“All of you lovely, magick, wonders of this world, the ones that correspond with me in such unbelievable ways…this is for you. Without the arts I would not wake up each morning with the joie de vivre that encompasses my entire being. I would feel flat as a pancake. Because of the work I do, I get to hear some of the most moving stories, moments of your life…things I am grateful to hear from you, share with you. It blows my mind, each and every time. To know that the show I’m on helps so many people get through hard moments in their life? To hear that people like seeing what I’m going to post and often discover new artists? I never could have dreamed how lucky I would be, as I am, today. I want you to join me now. Let’s share this space as an art collective. There’s enough negativity in this world to smother all of us into a state of infinite sadness. Why not counter that? That’s what this site is for. I hope it just does that…”

That’s what Diana says about this space for people to share…share arts, music, all the beautiful things in life…Everyone can and is motivated to contribute and that creates amazing community of creative minds….It was also my inspiration, without even me realizing it at first, starting my blog…I didn’t know what I’m going to make it about, but I knew I want to speak out about all those things that make my life more interesting and fascinating, about the things that bring magic… things like music, books and art…hoping that it will enrich someone else’s life too…and I hope it does=)

Visit You me and Charlie, and if you’ll forget about it, don’t worry, I’ll remind you for sure in the future=)

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Here is one small piece of what you can find there…an image that I find very lovely=)