Randy Charles music….

I sadly don’t really have that much time recently posting as much as I want, but I do have veeeeryyy long list of things coming up and trust me , you should be excited!

However I wanted to make quick share of some music that’s been playing in my home and pretty much everywhere I go on my iPhone. I hope it will make your day better as it does mine…after all, there’s one saying that I absolutely agree with “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”, so maybe this will dust you off!=)

First music persona goes by name Randy Charles. He is a dancer before Dj, that explains why his music is uplifting and truly making you wanna dance…

You can find him on SoundCloud  (http://soundcloud.com/randycharles) and all his latest work on Uplift.fm (http://www.uplift.fm/). Also you can follow him on Twitter.

Here are two of my very favorite of his work, one of them, makes me really energetic, so if you need a good mood boost or preparing to go out somewhere, it’s perfect!

Second of his sets is a bit more calm but made out of brilliant set of songs…that’s where I discovered Temper Trap song “Love Lost” which is my now one of absolute favorites.

Listen for yourself and download them if you like it on SoundCloud…I think both of them are perfect from beginning till end=)


And one more set, out of context and not made by Randy Charles, but what I like anyway too. The mixing is really not the best, actually not even very good, I think it’s  made by beginner, BUT, the set of tracks chosen made me like it, it’s different style then the two before, check it out, maybe it will be something for your playlist too=)