Jakuffo…New promising artist in Europe!

I am very honored to introduce this artist from Germany, she just started making her work public and I am pleased to be the first one to write about her=)

All the info is from her directly. So here we go=)

Her name is Jennifer Akuffo, born 1981 in the north of Germany, Bremen where the beer “Becks” comes from. Also where the Bremen city musicians (the pets) come from=)

For the last 4 years she lived in Berlin. She is educated and working as a physiotherapist. Painting and drawing is just a  hobby: she is an autodidact. But that hobby might turn out into something very big, because I think she has great talent. She likes fashion and especially sneakers… I believe that, what kind of fashion she likes and in a way her personality is portrayed in her art, that makes it so special and unique, representing her specifically.

Her work technics at the moment are acrylic on canvas, spraying, but there’s also many smaller penball drawings on paper..

Until now you can say roughly there are 3 main-phases in her art life development…

In year 2008 some relatively dark paintings with a critical background accrued are made. As you’ll be able to see (in her website) on “Personal Scram”, “Protest” or “Afterwards”, she also workes with collage technic. After that, many drawings on paper (black and white, colored) came. Now she works on canvas, but they aren’t big/huge enough as you’ll be able to see when you’ll look at the collection “The Guy” or paintings like “L O V E.” and “I Want Chocolate” (one of my favorites).

She is participating at “48h Neukölln” this year. It is an exhibition which runs about 48 hours in Neukölln (district in Berlin).

The exhibition is from 15.6. – 17.6.2012. The idea behind 48 Stunden Neukölln is to provide a framework in which both established, professional and newer or private venues, and especially public spaces function as locations for the arts for all to discover and savor. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and visit the exhibition if you have the possibility!=)

Find out more about this unique artist on her homepage, follow her on Facebook. Some of her paintings can be seen at Malena Bar website.

I’ll keep you posted on updates about her and I hope you all will show the support to new and shy artist from Germany as, in my opinion,  she deserves to be recognized for her art=)

And here’s few images of her work=)