Cookie Jar…

Introducing original and delicious treat made at home=)

Originaly it is called Valentines Cookie Jar…But since Valentine’s day has passed last week, I decided this can be any day Cookie Jar=)

Here is how you can make one for someone or for yourself=)


1 x 1L Jar
Mini Envelope
Brown Paper
Heart Peg
Red Glitter Card


175g Self-raising flour
135g Rolled oats
100g Red or pink M&Ms
100g Chocolate chips
65g Light soft brown sugar
65g White sugar

Layer all the ingredients into the jar in the order shown above, make sure each layer is pressed down firmly before layering the next.  Also recommended using a funnel to put the ingredients into the jar with, as otherwise it can be a bit tricky and before you know it there’s flour everywhere!

After you’ve done this, write down instructions of how to make the cookies for those who’ll get the jar. For example write one on brown paper and pop it into a mini brown envelope, which you can get in stationary shops.  To turn the jar into cookies, mix all the ingredients together with:

1 x Beaten egg

60g Melted butter

1 x tsp Vanilla Essence

Roll into balls and bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes until lightly browned.  Each jar makes between 20-24 cookies.

Quick and easy treat and it’s home made and home made is always the best!=) I hope you’ll enjoy it and you are welcome to share how it turned out=)

Original article here.