Nostalgic playlist for the weekend…

So I heard on the radio today one song from old days…a song by Eagle Eye Cherry, and I immediately felt very nostalgic for the old music…the music that I grew up with, the music that played in highschool disco’s, the music that now we make fun out of if talking to someone, but honestly when no one sees we sing along=))

It all started from Eagle Eye Cherry…it went pretty decent after that for some time…until I reached the really ridiculous songs, that I believe you might say are lame but both you and I know, you’ll know the lyrics to them even in some cases the dancing and you won’t be able to resist!

So if necessary, close the window shutters and doors….and go full in down the memory lane and have a lot of fun!

I hope this playlist will improve your mood and your weekend as it does mine so far=)

25 songs for your entertainment…including everything, from shania twain, no doubt, bloodhound gang, to savage garden, tom jones, alanis morissete and even meat loaf…no judgement please=)) Just listen through!=)

Press on the image and enjoy=)