Happy Valentine everyone…

So here we are….the big day of capital L today…no matter what are the opinions about it, how much it’s commercial etc. I finally came to the conclusion, that this is just a very nice day to act childish and silly in the name of love without anyone being able to hold it against you…it’s a day where you can fully let yourself drown in the romantic feelings, even if you don’t have a significant other…maybe it’s a day to make a wish for one! It’s a day, no matter commercial purposes or not, where you are allowed and even obligated to be filled with happiness and love, any kind of love…you have an excuse for that at least for one day a year…and excuse to eat as much candy as you want! I think the last part is the best=)

so don’t miss out on this opportunity, make yourself this day wonderful if there is no one else who will make it for you…single or not, you deserve to be happy=)

Here is a playlist (press on the image) of 25 songs, that for me at least bring out nostalgic and romantic feelings, some of them are just easy and mellow, some of them make me sing along loud (even though I am terrible singer)…some of them remind me moments of my life or movies that touched me…I hope you’ll like, if not all, them at least Some Of Them!=)

Love and Be Loved all year round…but on this day especially! Enjoy=)